The Hydro-Quad® Filtration System

It’s the Ultimate Water Treatment System for you and your family.

the ultimate whole house water treatment system


The contaminants or other substances removed by this Hydro-Quad® water processor are not necessarily in your water.

Water has an Effect on Everything it Touches and Water Touches Everything.

The facts about hard water are undeniable. Water has an effect on everything it touches. Hard water causes build up in your plumbing and hot water tanks. It can clog your coffee maker, your water fixtures, and shower heads. It stains your everyday dishes – even your china and crystal. It creates sediment buildup in toilet bowls, sink basins and bath areas. Hard water causes problems on every surface it touches.

If you don’t want to be one of the consumers that are spending millions of dollars every year dealing with hard water, then you need to solve the problem once and for all.

So our design team started with a clean slate and some fresh thinking and created the world’s most advanced whole house water system. Hydro-Quad® processed water eliminates the harmful effects caused by Hard Water – giving you Fresh Squeezed® Water that is guaranteed to save you time, precious energy, and your hard earned money and is backed by our limited lifetime guarantee. Our patented 4 Step Process performs four distinct functions of filtration through 10 stages that go far beyond all water softening systems available today.

Ready for Fresh Squeezed Water® in your home?