Water Touches Everything
We care about the quality of your water. Get Refined,
Softened, Clarified and Filtered water for everything in
your home and for your family.
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Cleaner Laundry
On washing days, it takes much less detergent to wash the clothes and the clothes come out very clean. The clothes feel softer too...
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No More Hard Water
There are so many reasons why I love this system but the #1 reason is I DON’T HAVE ANYMORE WATER SPOTS!! !
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No More Bottled Water
We used to buy bottled water because drinking our water and using ice cubes before the system was just horrible tasting...
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HYDRO-QUAD® & ULTRA-MICRON® Filtration Systems

Soft, Clean, Clear water with our whole house water system that filters your water in 12 patented ways and includes our limited time guarantee.


Enjoy your food and beverages as they were meant to be with Fresh Squeezed Water®


Ready to get clean Fresh Squeezed Water® for your entire home? We can help you find the closest distributor to you, call: 1-800-788-4420.

Personal Benefits & Experiences

From Our Customer Letters

"It’s amazing the difference it makes – the water actually feels soft, the taste is clean, and my dishes look clean and shiny. It’s wonderful to see my clothes brighter and softer. It’s great to know we don’t have to buy water bottles anymore, and save money on all the cleansing products I won’t have to buy either. We are so thankful for Water Resources!"

Philip & Rhodes
"This water system has CHANGED EVERYTHING. We had an issue with my sons cheeks.. After just a few baths his cheeks are no longer red or course and he doesn’t show any signs of discomfort when his cheeks are touched."

Rudy and Mariah
"The most unexpected difference I’ve felt is how my skin feels. I have had eczema my entire life and the last few years it has broken out on my fingertips. It’s mostly annoying due to the callous-like thickening of my skin, but can be extremely painful when the skin cracks. The first day I showered after the system was installed, I didn’t have to apply cream to my fingers because they weren’t dried out and cracking. This month my eczema has improved immensely. I would have band aids on 3 of my fingers, but I’m band aid free. I don’t have the hard callouses on my fingers and the cracking is gone."

"A HUGE change in our household. Number 1 – drinking water and Number 2 – clean clothes. Before, our clothes had a musky smell. We tried and just couldn’t get the smell to go away. Until now!! We no longer have dry skin, musky clothes, and spots on our drinking glasses and/or rings around the toilets. We have noticed a difference in all the housework. It has made it so much easier and the best part is that we love the system."

"We did not have to buy any drinking water since our drinking water is much cleaner and taste a lot better now, we are 100% satisfied with our water system. We have recommended our system to all our friends and family members. We recommend this product to everyone."

Alex and Hermalinda
"My ice and drinking water tastes better and it’s noticeable how much less soap I need and how much better that soap lathers. I’m confident that over the course of years it will pay for itself through money saved on soaps and cleaning products."

"I was impressed by all the follow-up phone calls to make sure we were completely satisfied with the company service. It is rare in todays market to find a company who is so concerned with the customer service and satisfaction. I used the conditioned water to clean the rugs and they look absolutely beautiful without using any soap products. The natural cleaning products are performing exactly as you promised and we are enjoying them immensely!"

Lee and Beth
"This has been the best investment we have ever made. There are so many advantages in having soft water. We no longer have to buy drinking water, my laundry looks much cleaner and I can’t believe the difference in the taste of coffee and iced tea made with purified water. We use less shampoo, body wash and laundry soap. All in all, the system pretty much pays for itself in the end."

Jamie and Nick