The Ultra-Micron® Filtration System Gives You
Fresh Squeezed Water® Right At Your Kitchen Faucet.

Our system begins where others end.

The Ultra-Micron® Filtration System uses 8 stages which combine ultra-filtration with sub-micron reverse osmosis and absorption filtration to produce high-quality drinking water for your home.

How does it work?

  • Water is pre-filtered to eliminate particles as small as 5 microns.
  • Then, water passes through a 5 micron pre-filter and an activation carbon block for chlorine reduction.
  • Using reverse osmosis, water is squeezed through a .0001 micron composite membrane that repels dissolved solids.
  • From the storage tank, water is passed through a 1 micron pre-filter and the first of two Volatile Organic Contaminant reduction filters.
  • The "Fresh Squeezed Water®" then passes through a second VOC filter and a taste and odor filter.

The 8 functions of the Ultra-Micron® Filtration System, combined with the 4 functions of the Hydro-Quad® Water Processor provides your family with a total of 12 functions, each designated and designed for specific filtration purposes.

Ready for Fresh Squeezed Water® in your home?